4X4 UTV Rental

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Get ready to drive your own UTV into the wilderness on a self-guided tour through the Sierras using our custom GPS navigation system. Follow a preset route to see some of the Sierra’s most incredible scenery as you venture off into the forest. 

Age Requirement

Minimum age to rent is 18. 18+ years old can drive with a valid driver’s license (USFS Law). Children riding passenger must no longer need a carseat.

Rental Arrival Time

Arrive 60 minutes prior to your rental time. If you don’t, it may cut into your ride time.

Rental Liability

You are responsible for any and all damages up to the cost of the vehicle. There is no damage insurance. You will be required to pre-authorize $1,500 for damages on your credit card.


Each destination is labeled with what rental option/itinerary it is included on.

Unload from the Jeep and go for an easy 1 mile hike around our secluded Sequoia Grove. Get close to one of the top 10 trees for size! This tree is 247 feet tall and 85 feet around at the base!

Sequoia Grove

4 HR Rental - 8 HR Rental

What's a granite plain? A large flat granite surface we drive the Jeeps over! They're unique and feel like you are on the moon.

Granite Plains

4 HR Rental - 8 HR Rental

This hike takes approximately 45 minutes to climb to the top at 7,539' elevation. It is an inclined switchback hike to get to the top. Usually takes only 30 minutes to climb back down.

Fresno Dome

6 HR Rental - 8 HR Rental

You haven't been off-roading until you have gone through a creek!

Creek Crossing

4 HR Rental - 6 HR Rental - 8 HR Rental

Climb to the top of a mountain to see the most epic view of our local sporting lake!

Bass Lake Vista

4 HR Rental - 6 HR Rental - 8 HR Rental

Learn the history of Star Mine and see 2 Cabins from the early 1900s. These original cabins were used by miners living in the Sierra's

Old Mining Cabins

4 HR Rental - 6 HR Rental - 8 HR Rental

Pass by creek falls along the route and stop to cool off or take a picture!

Creek Falls

4 HR Rental - 6 HR Rental - 8 HR Rental

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The trails you take on the 4 Hour rental are not boring flat roads. You experience a variety of rutted out roadways, rocky paths, and flat gravel roads throughout. They are trails that you would not want to take a car on or you would find yourself stuck!

Mountain riding is very different than open desert riding. The trails require you to go slower to avoid obstacles and have many blind turns. So don’t expect to go fast and the furious with your RZR!

We do everything we possibly can to make sure you feel confident when heading out on the trails. We save our more challenging rides for guided trips only! We send you with an emergency GPS device AND our vehicles are equipped with tracking, so we can always see where you are on your ride.

With your rental a GPS tablet is included with our custom made trail map system. You will always know where you are at on the trails and where to go!