We are all guilty of hiding away when the weather turns cold and grey. It can be less than tempting to go outside and instead opting for hiding away at home with a blanket and a warm drink.

Vacationing to Yosemite in the winter months, as, just as it is in the summer, this is a stunning natural landscape that is the ideal place to explore. We have put together our list of fun things that are ideal to do in Yosemite when the weather is cold.

Yosemite Falls

Pay a visit to Lower Yosemite Fall

One of the fewer all year round trails that you will find in Yosemite. Not only is this walk stroller and wheelchair friendly, but it is also only 1 mile long, which means that you can walk it without having to spend too much tine out in the cold. It is said, if you head around the loop early in the morning then you might be able to hear the ice breaking off of the water from the fall — it’s true we’ve heard it!!



Slip and slide with ice skating at Curry Village 

Ice Skating in Curry Village

Ice Skating in Curry Village

Open between November and March, the ice skating rink at Curry Village has been around since 1928. Not only is there a fantastic ice skating rink which all the family can enjoy, but once you have spent time on the ice, then you might want to enjoy s’mores, apple cider, coffee and hot chocolate in the warm!



Sledding at Crane Flat Campground

Another slipping and sliding option for you to choose from is Sledding at Crane Flat Campground. Found on the Big Oak Flat Road, this area is closed to any campers between mid December and March. This means that there is plenty of room for the sled to run seven days a week. Visitors are asked to bring their own sleds, and many families will also bring a picnic and make a day of it. After all, you are in the most wonderful setting surrounded by cedars and pines.

Mirror Lake in Winter

Mirror Lake

Hike to mirror lake

If you are feeling adventurous, and full of energy, then you might want to try out the 3 mile hike to mirror lake. You will need to leave the car at the Yosemite Valley Stables parking lot. You may find, depending on the weather, that the lake is completely frozen over, which looks lovely and is the ideal photo opportunity.


Take a Ride with Sierra Jeep Tours

Last, but certainly not least, head off-roading with us into the forest in all it’s winter beauty! Go in a Jeep to the Sequoia Grove with us or take a snow track tour in our Viking! Find out more about these tours HERE

Rather than having nothing to do in the cold winter months, plan a vacation to Yosemite and see all it’s beauty covered in snow! There are plenty of ways that you can have fun and explore the area.