There are a number of reasons to visit Yosemite, it could be to escape to the countryside, to spend some quality time together or simply to be able to get out in the fresh and beautiful air. Here at Sierra Jeep Tours we love being based just outside of Yosemite, and one reason for this is because there is nothing better than being able to explore the local area.

If you would rather get out and about on your own two feet, then we have put together 4 easy hikes that you can do during your Yosemite vacation. The ideal way to see the beautiful natural surroundings, despite not being an expert in hiking.

Lower Yosemite Fall Trail

Lower Yosemite Falls

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One of the most beautiful views that you can see in Yosemite is the Yosemite Falls. Part of the tallest waterfall in North America, Lower Yosemite Fall is a 320 foot drop that can be rather impressive to see in the flesh. If you want the very best vantage point for the fall, then we recommend that you try out this 1 mile looped trail that should only take you around 30 minutes. Not only can you see some amazing views, but along the walk you will also be able to learn more about natural and the cultural history of the area.

Cook’s Meadow Loop

Photo by Michael Frye

With so much to see in the Yosemite area, it can be hard to plan in to see it all. One great way that you can try to take it all in is to arrange to tackle the Cook’s Meadow Loop. This trail gives you the opportunity to walk through the heart of it all. This includes the Yosemite Falls, Half Dome, Sentinel Rock and the Royal Arches. A large and open meadow walk, it is not only short at just 1 mile, but it is also flat too. Which is ideal if you are with your family.

Mirror Lake Trail

If you are feeling ready to tackle a slightly trickier trail, then the Mirror Lake Trail is the ideal choice. This easy to moderate walk is a great way to be able to see the Tenaya Canyon, Mount Watkins and the Washington Column too. At 2 miles, it is longer than some of the other walks and features some elevation along the way. If you are feeling really adventurous then you can also extend this to 5 miles if you take a walk around the full loop, rather then just tackling the lake.

Giant Sequoia Trail

If you want to see Giant Sequoias then Yosemite will not disappoint! You can go to Mariposa Grove, the most popular grove in our area and hike to see these giants. If you want a private and off-roading experience, head out with us on a fun 4×4 trail where we drive you out into the middle of the Sierras to a quiet and isolated Sequoia Grove. Hike an easy 1 mile loop with us and see 8 immense trees along a gorgeous creek. Unlike the Yosemite Sequoia Trails, get up close and touch these trees! After a nice hike we will head back on the fun 4×4 trail back to town. Weather doesn’t stop us on this tour! We head out year round and even go 4×4 Jeeping in the snow! Check out the Tour Here



These are just some of the fantastic hikes that you can try out during your Yosemite vacation. So, make sure that you grab your hiking boots and in no time at all you will find yourself out in the fresh air and exploring the beauty of the area with your very own eyes!