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Current Conditions - COVID-19 UPDATE

We are currently operating our 4 Hour Rentals and 3 Hour Tours. We are waiting for trail clearing to be completed to open our longer tour and rental options. Customers on guided tours are required to wear a mask. All customers must wear masks while in our facility.



New this Year! Rent a Ryker or Jeep Wrangler to explore Yosemite National Park. You haven’t truly seen Yosemite until you have in an open-air vehicle.  

  • Year-Round, weather dependent
  • Must be 25+ years old to operate / rent


Escape the tourism of Yosemite Valley and get ready to ride into the wilderness. Explore the forest on the outskirts of Yosemite National Park. 

  • Destinations vary by season
  • Seasonal
  • Must be 18+ years old to operate / rent


Want to Make the most memorable winter vacation? Head with us deep into the Snowy Sierras for a unique off-roading experience. 

  • Destinations vary by season
  • Seasonal
  • Passengers must no longer require a carseat 

Off-Road Sights to Be Seen

Bass Lake Vista

Spring - Summer - Fall

Climb to the top of a mountain to see the most epic view of our local sporting lake.

Devils Peak

Summer - Fall

Don't waste the night away on your vacation! Head four-wheeling with us in the evening for an epic sunset adventure! Amazing 360 degree view at this active fire-lookout manned by the forest service for epic views of Yosemite.

Secluded Sequoia Grove

Spring - Summer - Fall

Head to a secluded Sequoia grove in the Sierra’s. Park and get out where you can see old cabins from mining in the early 1900’s and massive Sequoia stumps. This grove has unique history as it was partially logged before the trees were protected. Then embark on a 1 mile round-trip hike to see the Bull Buck tree at a staggering 270 feet tall and 80 feet around! It is one of the top 10 trees for size!

Chilkoot Summit


Explore the Sierras in a winter wonderland with our snow track machines. Ride up to Chilkoot Summit for breathtaking views

Creek Crossing

Spring - Summer - Fall

You haven't truly been off-roading until you drive a vehicle through a creek! Cruise on through or make a big splash!

Iron Lakes


Climb up on the most adventures 4-wheelin' trail we have and head to Iron Lakes. Spend the day at this secluded alpine lake.


Spring - Summer - Fall

Throughout your ride you will see some beautiful creek falls!

Fresno Dome

Summer - Fall

Hike to the top of Fresno Dome for an amazing panoramic view of the Sierra's. Don't worry, it looks deceiving! It actually only takes about 45 minutes to hike to the top!