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What is a slingshot? A slingshot is a three-wheeled open air roadster with a manual transmission.

Polaris Slingshot

always have contact


Most of the time out on our forest trails you won’t have cell reception. No need to worry as you will always have emergency help or be able to communicate with us at headquarters with just the push of a button.


Choose your Destination

Choose where you want to go


choose your duration

Choose between a 4 HR 8 HR and Overnight rental option


Make Your Reservation

All you need to reserve your Slingshot is a $100 Deposit.

Choose Your Ride

Scenic Byway

Escape the tourism of Yosemite and ride through the Sierra National Forest. The Scenic byway is good for a 4 HR Rental

 Glacier Point

If you are looking for a 4 HR ride into Yosemite National Park you can head to glacier point for a beautiful view.

Yosemite Valley

If you are looking for a longer ride head into Yosemite National Park and rent a slingshot for 8 HRs or overnight


Off-Road Rentals