Seasonally May-November

Rent a RZR or Jeep to go off-roading in the Sierra National Forest

Always be Connected

No fear of getting stuck if you crash, or being far from help if someone gets hurt. With a push of a button our GPS devices send a signal out to us or local responders that you need help.

Self-Guided GPS 4x4 Tour

Check in at our location, gear up, and head to the 4x4 trails. You will have a customized GPS enabled tablet that tracks where you are and shows you where to go on the route you select. If you’d rather go out with a tour guide, check our UTV Tours.

Pick a Jeep or RZR

Choose your machine

RZR Rentals
Starting at $399

  • Highlights
  • $1500 Security Deposit (no insurance available)
  • Go on Moderate Trails
  • Rugged Experience
  • Renter age 18+

Jeep Rentals
Starting at $299

  • Highlights
  • No Security Deposit
  • Choose $8 daily Insurance coverage
  • Light to Moderate Trails
  • More relaxed and Scenic Experience
  • Radio
  • Convertible
  • Renter Age 25+


The trails you take on the 4 Hour rental are not boring flat roads. You experience a variety of rutted out roadways, rocky paths, and flat gravel roads throughout. They are trails that you would not want to take a car on or you would find yourself stuck!

Mountain riding is very different than open desert riding. The trails require you to go slower to avoid obstacles and have many blind turns. So don’t expect to go fast and the furious with your RZR!

We do everything we possibly can to make sure you feel confident when heading out on the trails. We save our more challenging rides for guided trips only! We send you with an emergency GPS device AND our vehicles are equipped with tracking so we can always see where you are on your ride.