Dependent upon weather conditions. Generally open April-December

Rent a Jeep Wrangler and hit the 4X4 Trails on your own with our self guided GPS Tour! 

Rental Requirements

Minimum age to rent is 25 with valid driver’s license and auto insurance. Children all ages can ride passenger

Rental Arrival Time

Arrive 30 minutes prior to your rental time. If you don’t, it may cut into your ride time.

Rental Liability

You are responsible for any and all damages up to the cost of the vehicle. You must be an insured driver and provide your policy information.

What we TOUR

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2019 Packages


82 reviews
  • 4 HOURS
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Get behind the wheel and ride through the forest in your own Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JL through the vast terrain in the Sierra's. Rocky slow riding trails and wide open paths to pick up the pace. Your first stop on this tour is the granite plain, a large granite surface that the locals call moonrock (it looks like you are standing on the moon!). Next ride up to Bass Lake Vista for an epic view of our local sporting lake. Drive past a creek or stop to walk down and play in the water. Drive past some more amazing views of Fresno Dome and the Sierras before heading back to the trailhead.

  • Optional Stop at the Sequoia Grove if you want to hike and shorten your ride time.


97 reviews
  • 8 HOURS
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Combine up to five awesome destinations (some only accessible with a Jeep Rental) Bass Lake Vista, Fresno Dome, Mile High Vista, mammoth pools and the Giant Sequoia hike for a perfect day trip. Ride to the top of Mount Raymond and see a beautiful view of Bass Lake, our local sporting lake. Crawl over granite plaines, through dense woodland areas, and past rocky cuts to get to the top. Step out of the Jeep for some awesome pictures and ride back down the mountain side. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife!

Fresno Dome - hike up to 7,900ft elevation for the most epic 360 degree view of Yosemite and the Sierras.

Giant Sequoia Grove - Hike .75 miles to see the largest tree or hike the long route and see all the trees.

Mile High Vista - Drive to an amazing view of the backcountry and Mammoth Pools

Mammoth Pools - drive down to the lake and spend some downtime or stop for lunch.

Stop at the Jones' store (old pack station) for a piece of delicious pie!

Always be Connected

No fear of getting stuck if you crash, or being far from help if someone gets hurt. With a push of a button our GPS devices send a signal out to us or local responders that you need help.

Self Guided Tour

Check in at our location, gear up, and head to the 4x4 trails. You will have a customized GPS enabled tablet that tracks where you are and shows you where to go on the route you select. If you’d rather go out with a tour guide, check our Tours.