Explore Southern Yosemite and the Sierra National Forest with our off-road tours and rentals. Our 5 star rated company offers Jeeps, UTV, ATV, Snow Tracks, and more! Click Below to take our quiz and find out what the best 4X4 adventure would be for you!

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Have a Guide Drive you Off-Roading in the Sierra's

Year-round, go on a 4×4 Jeep tour where our guides drive you in the back country on adventurous trails to different destinations in the Sierras. Destinations vary by season. 

Rent a UTV or Jeep to explore the Sierras on a Self-Guided Tour

Rather explore the Sierras on your own? Rent a UTV and drive yourself on the 4×4 trails to different destinations. Jeeps are for slower going scenic drives on light trails, whereas UTVs are for a more exciting and sporty experience on moderate trails.

Go on a guided tour and drive your own ATV or UTV

Head out on an ATV tour and drive your own ATV or UTV while following our tour-guide. This is perfect for you if you want to drive your own vehicle but want to be with a guide! If the snow hits we put snow tracks on the ATVs and ride through winter!  

Go on a Winter Snow Track Tour

Choose an ATV or UTV with snow tracks and experience driving our awesome snow machines through 3-6 feet of snow! If you’d rather have a tour guide drive you, we can set that up too!

The Seasons of the Sierras

Between snow, mud, and dirt, our tour and rentals options change throughout the seasons! Where we are in the Sierra’s is sometimes hard to predict. Our “questionable” time of year is December through April. Availability depends on our snow pack. Check out this graph to see what should be available the month you are here! We always have something to do that is 4X4 fun.

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